The Bad News: Pound for pound, Barcelona is not the best city in the world for a holiday. The Good News: It is the greatest place to live on planet Earth. These hacks are essential for making the experience even more pleasurable...even if you're just visiting.

Hack #8

Good restaurants are everywhere in Barcelona. Here’s the easiest way to find one.

Hack #7

If your flat is in need of some new furnishings, there’s plenty of free stuff available.

Hack #6

The pedestrian traffic signals in Barcelona take some getting used to.

Hack #5

Tips for buying beer in the street.

Hack #4

The world-famous Boqueria market on Les Rambles is an institution, but it’s not the only game in town.

Hack #3

Electric scooters are a pestilence. But if you must use one, here’s some advice.

Hack #2

The Barcelona metro is great, but there’s no need to spend more time underground than you need to.

Hack #1

Sometimes, even in Barcelona, it’s hard to steel a moment of sunshine. This hack shows you how.