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Plaça Jaume shot from Catalunya Barcelona documentary

Over the course of production, the Catalunya Barcelona team interviewed more than 50 people. That amounted to nearly 100 hours of content. As the final release amounts to 10, 1-hour episodes, much valuable, entertaining and fascinating material was, regrettably, left on the cutting-room floor.

As this was anticipated from the start, we've been posting numerous trailers, teasers, outtakes, and interview segments across social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram since the project got underway. They're all consolidated here, and are available to watch right now.

While most interviews are conductedin Catalan, subtitles are available for all in English, and most in Spanish, as well as the native Catalan.

Barcelona is Burning

(Published October 19, 2019)
October 17, 2019. Four days after 9 Catalan leaders were handed down lengthy prison sentences.

Why Does Barcelona Look Like No Place on Earth?

(Published September 1, 2019)
Author Jordi Peñarroja and Catalunya Barcelona narrator Jenny Beacraft discuss the birth of Catalan Modernism.

Forget Everything You Know About Barcelona (Part III)

(Published August 11, 2019)
Citizens of Barcelona discuss the city's turbulent past.

Forget Everything You Know About Barcelona (Part II)

(Published August 5, 2019)

Citizens of Barcelona reveal some little-known facts about the tourist mecca.

Forget Everything You Know About Barcelona (Part I)

(Published July 31, 2019)

Citizens of Barcelona discuss aspects of the city's past and present that might surprise the casual observer.

The History of the Guardia Civil

(Published July 11, 2019)

Archivist Ramon Alberch discusses Spain's most enduring police force.

Gegants de la Ciutat de Barcelona

(Published June 5, 2019)

Barcelona's Gegants parading through the city, with rock 'n roll music accompaniment.

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Teasers. Trailers. Promos.