Barcelona's 1992 Summer Olympics

The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona are considered the greatest Olympic success story ever. Indeed, for the people who live there, it marks the beginning of a new era for the entire city. The Olympics is dealt with in Democracy, Episode 8 of Catalunya Barcelona.

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Josep Simó discusses the sense of pride and joy he felt because of the Barcelona Olympics.
Jordi Pablo explains why, where the Olympics were concerned, Barcelona’s mayor was the biggest winner.
Alexis Plaza discusses the degree to which the Olympics resulted in sweeping changes for Barcelona.
David Aznar discusses the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.
Carme Solé Vendrell recalls the experience of volunteering for the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics. 
Robert Surroca discusses attempts to honor Lluís Companys at the 1992 Olympics
Jordi Peñarroja discusses the business deals that went into hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Estela Fernandez discusses the changes she experienced as a result of the 1992 Olympics.
Meritxell Campmany discusses the impact of the 1992 Olympics on her generation.
Conrad Son discusses how the construction associated with the Olympic buildup was a challenge.