Tear Down the Wall (1714 - 1905)

The Catalunya Barcelona docuseries begins with the 18th century War of Spanish Succession, which results in the suspension of autonomy in Barcelona and the region. The people’s language, Catalan, is outlawed, and a military outpost, The Citadel, is erected to keep the locals in line. Episode 1 focuses mainly on the 19th century industrial expansion of Barcelona, the plight of the city’s workers, and the rise of Spain’s first Bourgeoisie class.

View photos and videos from this period in the history of Barcelona below.

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Demolition of the wall surrounding Barcelona. 1888.
1888 – Demolition of the wall. On the left the bastion of the King of Drassanes and Colombus statue in background
Archivist Ramon Alberch discusses medieval Barcelona.
1880 – People strolling along Les Rambles as a horse-drawn carriage passes.
Artist Jaume Muñoz discusses poetry contest, Jocs Florals.
1856 - Courtyard of the Hospital de la Santa Creu and Casa de Convalescencia.
1856 – The courtyard of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu. An example of Catalan civil-Gothic architecture, it is today a library.
1874 - Top view of the Boqueria, or Sant Josep market.
1874 – Overhead view of the famous Boqueria market, or Sant Josep market accessible from Les Rambles.
1880. Carrer Ferran with people, tram and carriages.
1880 – Carrer de Ferran bustling with people, trams, and carriages.
The Sant Antoni Market in Barcelona. 1880.
1880 – Exterior of the Sant Antoni Market in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood.
Publisher Pepe Ribas discusses Barcelona’s rise to industrial powerhouse.
1898 – Children playing ‘Saltar i parar’
Artist Carme Solé Vendrell discusses her ancestors.
Skyline of Barcelona from Montjuïc. 1860
1860 – General view of Barcelona from Montjuïc
1855 – View of Barcelona from Montjuïc. In the foreground, the Sant Bertran orchards.
1870 - View of Barcelona. In the foreground the wall of land and the orchards in foreground.
1870 – View of Barcelona. In the foreground the city wall, and the orchards of Sant Bertran in the background.
Linguist Elisabet Compta discusses the Catalan language.
1880 – General view of Ciutat Vella, or, the Old City.
Architect Olga Schmid discusses the neighborhoods surrounding Barcelona.
 1890 – Children playing in the street.

Significant events in Tear Down the Wall

The imposition of martial law over Barcelona, the destruction of a medieval wall corseting the city, the end of the Spanish colonial empire, the emergence of seminal Catalan and Republican political parties and politicos, the birth of Catalan Modernism, and a spate of anarchist bombings. Major series figures—Valentí Almirall, Enric Prat de la Riba, King Alfons XII, and Francesc Macià—are introduced, and the episode ends with the military closing ranks after the publication of a seemingly innocuous cartoon in a Barcelona magazine, a cartoon that single-handedly set into motion a series of events that would change the course of history for Barcelona, Spain, and indeed, all of Europe.