Francisco Franco Bahamonde

Francisco Franco was Spain’s dictator from 1939 to his death in 1974. In the Catalunya Barcelona documentary series, he is featured prominently in Episode 4 through 7.

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Francisco Franco "El Caudillo"


Francisco Franco Bahamonde


Dictator of Spain “Caudillo”


1936 (1939) – 1975


 1892, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain


Madrid, Spain


FET y de las JONS

Arnau Marin speculates on what might have happened had Francisco Franco not succeeded.
Jordi Cantavella discusses Francisco Franco’s personality.
Eduard Miralles discusses the generations affected by Francisco Franco’s reign.
Carme Solé Vendrell discusses her disdain for Francisco Franco.
Joan Culla Clarà explains how Francisco Franco evolved from an unremarkable soldier to El Caudillo.
Conrad Son discusses his grandmother’s reaction to Francisco Franco’s death.
Joan Culla Clarà discusses Francisco Franco’s relationship with the United States.
Several interview subjects discuss the long shadow cast by Francisco Franco.