Anarchism in Barcelona

Anarchism has exerted influence on Barcelona for more than 150 years, reaching its peak of influence in the 1930s, when, for a time, against the backdrop of the war, anarchists ran the entire city. In Catalunya Barcelona, anarchy is a topic in episode 1, Tear Down the Wall, episode 2, La Rosa de Foc, episode 3, The Second Republic, episode 4, Spanish Civil War, and episode 7, The Transition.

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Anarchism in 19th century Barcelona, as told by narrator Jenny Beacraft.
Manel Aisa discusses the FAI, the Iberian Anarchist Federation, and their attempts in the 20th century, to ensure anarchist purity remained a focus for members of the CNT, the National Confederation of Labor.
Teresa Abelló talks about the anarchists in Barcelona, and their commitment to enriching the culture and education of local people.
Pepe Ribas explains how anarchism in Barcelona can trace its roots to industrial settlements in Llobregat.
Teresa Abellló explains how anarchists were among the few groups committed to educating the masses in the early 20th century.
Manel Aisa discusses the role of anarchists in early 20th century Barcelona.
Xefo Guasch discusses his personal history with anarchism over the decades.
Numerous interview subjects discuss Barcelona’s enduring association with anarchism.