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Catalunya Barcelona photo of Barcelona circa 1930s

Over the course of production, the Catalunya Barcelona team interviewed more than 50 people. That amounted to nearly 100 hours of content. As the final release amounts to 10, 1-hour episodes, much valuable, entertaining and fascinating material was, regrettably, left on the cutting-room floor. As this was anticipated from the start, we’ve been posting numerous trailers, teasers, outtakes, and interview segments across social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram since the project got underway. They’re all consolidated here, and are available to watch right now. While most interviews are conducted in Catalan, subtitles are available for all in English, and most in Spanish, as well as the native Catalan.

Catalunya Barcelona photo of Spanish Civil War in Barcelona

300 Years [300 Anys]

(Published January 9, 2019)
300 Anys. 60 Entrevistes. 10 Episodis. 1 Ciutat.
purple tree photo from catalunya barcelona

Preservant l’arquitectura de Barcelona

(Published January 8, 2019)
L’arquitecta Olga Schmid parla dels esforços de la ciutat per tal de preservar la tradició mentre satisfà les demandes de la modernització.
photo of words 50 Catalans from Catalunya Barcelona trailer

50 Catalans

(Published January 2, 2019)
A teaser promoting documentary series Catalunya Barcelona
Victor Balaguer photo for Catalunya Barcelona

Víctor Balaguer i Eixample

(Published January 1, 2019)
Una vegada a un poeta se li va permitre posar nom a tots els carrers d’una nova ciutat.
Text from Cu-Cut Promo clip for Catalunya Barcelona

Tot va començar amb una vinyeta al “¡Cu-Cut!”

(Published December 31, 2018)
Com un dibuixant de còmic de Barcelona va canviar Espanya per sempre.
photo of 1992 Olympics for Catalunya barcelona

About those Olympics…

(Published December 28, 2018)
Time lapse video and a host of Catalunya Barcelona interview subjects illustrate how transformative the 1992 Olympics were for Barcelona.
Sergio Satanassa interviewed by the Catalunya Barelona team

The Story of Sergio Satanassa

(Published December 14, 2018)
Seminal Barcelona drag queen Sergio Satanassa explains what it was like being the first drag queen in the city to the Catalunya Barcelona team.
Catalunya Barcelona interview subject Alexis Plaza.

Forced to Shake the Dictator’s Hand

(Published December 12, 2018)
During his interview with the Catalunya Barcelona team, Alexis Plaza discusses the circumstances of his great-grandfather’s encounter with Francisco Franco.
Catalunya Barcelona photo of 1960s police van

F*ck the Police

(Published December 8, 2018)
Artist Xefo Guasch discusses the perils of student activism in the 1960s and 1970s with the Catalunya Barcelona team.
Catalunya Barcelona photo of Martinez Anido.


(Published December 1, 2018)
Catalunya Barcelona interview subjects reflect on the bloody period of state-sanctioned murder in Barcelona.
Catalunya Barcelona photo of Barcelona's ciutat vella on a sunny day.

Promo: One Poet

(Published November 23, 2018)
A quick promo in English promoting the Catalunya Barcelona docuseries.
Conrad Son being interviewed by Catalunya Barcelona team.

The Catalan ‘Seny’

(Published November 22, 2018)
Barcelona residents discuss Seny, a trait commonly attributed to Catalan people.
Image of Correfoc festivity for Catalunya Barcelona

Corre! Corre! Foc! Correfoc!

(Published November 15, 2018)
Folklorist Jordi Pablo discusses the origin of the popular fire festivity with the Catalunya Barcelona team.
Rodrigo Palacios Catalunya Barcelona

Rodrigo Palacios: Remembering the Attack

(Published November 13, 2018)
A local policeman discusses the events of August 17, 2017 in Barcelona.
Photos of dressed logs honoring Christmas tradition Caga Tió

Christmas Tradition-The Caga-Tió

(Published November 7, 2018)
Catalunya Barcelona interview subject Daniel Anglada discusses a Christmas tradition unique to the Catalan region.
Photo of Meritxell Campmany for Catalunya Barcelona film

Surviving a 15% Unemployment Rate

(Published November 6, 2018)
Attorney Meritxell Campmany discusses the persistently high unemployment rate throughout Spain.
Catalunya Barcelona photo of Silvia Escuder

Silvia Escuder: Remembering the attack on Barcelona

(Published November 5, 2018)
A local businesswoman discusses the attack in Barcelona on August 17, 2017 with the Catalunya Barcelona team.
Interview subject Helena Ruiz during interview with Catalunya Barcelona film team.

Helena Ruiz: Remembering the Attack on Barcelona

(Published November 4, 2018)
A local photographer discusses the events of August 17, 2017.
Catalunya Barcelona Laia Otero

Laia Otero: Remembering the Attack on Barcelona

(Published November 3, 2018)
An area journalist discusses the terrorist attack on August 17, 2017.
Alexis Plaza while being interviewed by Catalunya Barcelona film team.

Alexis Plaza: Remembering the Attack on Barcelona

(Published November 1, 2018)
Area businessman discusses the terrorist attack that took place on August 17, 2017 in Barcelona.