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Over the course of production, the Catalunya Barcelona team interviewed more than 50 people. That amounted to nearly 100 hours of content. As the final release amounts to 10, 1-hour episodes, much valuable, entertaining and fascinating material was, regrettably, left on the cutting-room floor. As this was anticipated from the start, we’ve been posting numerous trailers, teasers, outtakes, and interview segments across social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram since the project got underway. They’re all consolidated here, and are available to watch right now. While most interviews are conducted in Catalan, subtitles are available for all in English, and most in Spanish, as well as the native Catalan.

Photo of Jordi Rosello during interview with Catalunya Barcelona Film team.

Spain is Different

(Published October 30, 2018)
Banker Jordi Roselló discusses the different legal and social standards for tourists and locals under Franco.
Young girl standing atop a human castle during production of Catalunya Barcelona film

The Castellers

(Published October 26, 2018)
Folklorist Jordi Pablo discusses the history of the iconic human towers of Catalunya.
Photo of Bikini Club from the 1980s for Catalunya Barcelona film

Birth of the Bikini Sandwich

(Published October 24, 2018)
Artist Xefo Guasch discusses how the Barcelona staple got its name and became internationally recognized.
Photo of Mies Pavilion Catalunya Barcelona Film

The 1929 Exposition

(Published October 20, 2018)
Architect Olga Schmid discusses the construction projects, still visible today, created for the 1929 Exposition.
Catalunya Barcelona map of the different Barcelona districts

Barcelona’s 20th Century Expansion

(Published October 15, 2018)
Archivist Ramon Alberch discusses Barcelona’s annexation of neighboring villages to become the city we know today.
Photo of President Eisenhower hugging Francisco Franco for Catalunya Barcelona film

A U.S. President and a Spanish Dictator

(Published October 12, 2018)
Surgeon Josep Simo and Historian Joan Culla Clará discuss the absurdity of watching President Eisenhower hug Dictator Franco.
Painting depicting Spanish Invasion of America used in Catalunya Barcelona film

The Long Colonial Shadow 

(Published October 10, 2018)
Translator Jordi Perez O’Shea discusses the brutality of Spain’s golden age, and the manner in which it still casts a shadow today.
Photo of Francisco Franco for Catalunya Barcelona film

How Did Franco Stay in Power?

(Published October 7, 2018)
Historian Joan Culla Clarà discusses how Francisco Franco was able to control Spain for 40 years.
Photo of Barcelona subway entrance

Budget Shortfalls in Catalunya

(Published October 1, 2018)
Financial Lawyer Erika Rubio discusses the tug-of-war between the local government and the state government.
Photo of Plaça Reial at night for Catalunya Barcelona film

What Happened to Plaça Reial?

(Published September 30, 2018)
Archivist Ramón Alberch discusses the famous Barcelona plaza, and the issues it faces.
Carrero Blanco's car wrecked after a bomb explosion.

Spain’s Gag Law

(Published September 28, 2018)
Condemned by the United Nations, Spain’s ley mordaza has resulted in jail time for political satirists and rap musicians.
People demonstrate for independence on Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya

Pactist Pacifist Catalanist

(Published September 24, 2018)
Barcelona artist Carme Solé discusses the Catalan people’s tradition of organizing and banding together for a cause.
Placa Angel in Barcelona during the day

What Happened to all the Local Shops?

(Published September 20, 2018)
Attorney Meritxell Campmany discusses the disappearance of local shops along Barcelona’s busiest streets.

Franco’s Lasting Shadow

(Published September 8, 2018)
Women and men in Barcelona discuss Spain’s Francoist era, and how it affected their lives.
Cover of magazine Ajoblanco for Catalunya Barcelona documentary series

Pepe Ribas Talks Ajoblanco

(Published September 7, 2018)
The publisher of Spain’s seminal underground magazine discusses its original purpose, and the reasons behind its third incarnation.
Spanish Civil War exiles in France Catalunya Barcelona Film.

Postwar Experience: Into Exile

(Published September 5, 2018)
Surgeon Josep Simo discusses his experience, as a young boy, of leaving home for France after the fall of Spain’s 2nd Republic.
Gegants parading through Barcelona

Gegants de la Ciutat de Barcelona

(Published August 27, 2018)
Barcelona’s Gegants parading through the city, with rock ‘n roll music accompaniment.
Bird's eye of eixample during massive protest

October 1, 2017 Remembered

(Published August 25, 2018)
Catalunya Barcelona interview subjects discuss the controversial referendum vote, and its affect on them and their loved ones.