Interview Segment Transcripts

Transcriptions and translations of the Catalunya Barcelona Film segments featured on this site.

Catalunya Barcelona film speaks to Erika Rubio about the implications of the Golden Visa, and its impact in housing in Barcelona.

The Golden Visa
Erika Rubio

Catalunya Barcelona film team talks to Dr. Agusti Molins about his dreams of a free, independent Catalan state

Dreams of Independence
Dr. Agustí Molins

Catalunya Barcelona Film talks to Dolores Muntane Coca about her fascist indoctrination in grade school.

Love Fascism…Or Else
Dolores Muntane Coca

Catalunya Barcelona Film team talks to Elisabet Compta about the origins of the Catalan language.

The Catalan Language
Elisabet Compta

The 2nd Spanish Republic
Jordi Peñarroja

Hostel Takeover
Daniel Anglada

Catalunya Barcelona film team talks to drag queen Sergio Satanassa about the dangers of gay life in 1980s Barcelona.

Violence in the 1980s
Sergio Satanassa

Lawyer Meritxell Campmany talks women in the workforce with the Catalunya Barcelona Film team

Women in the Workforce
Meritxell Campmany

Dolors Muntane Coca talks Catalan independence with the Catalunya Barcelona film team

Drafted Under Duress
Dolores Muntané Coca

Catalan author Jordi Cantavella talks to the Catalunya Barcelona Film team about a tragedy in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

Bomb Shelter Tragedy
Jordi Cantavella

Catalunya Barcelona Film captures Carme Sole Vendrell's reflections on her family's history.